Makarov and friends

Vladimir Makarov is a terrorist and leader of the Ultrafuckeralists in 2016 .He is a member of the Four Whoresman. He is voiced by roman Varsavskey or what ever...


He used to work for the specialNazis, and had to leave due to the UN threatening to arrest him. He then became leader of the Ultrafucklerists. He wanted to get back at the UN for fucking up his life. He also wanted to get back at the SASS for killing Imran Zakhaev,his ugly leader that is lazy that Makarov had to drive the jeep for him.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Edit

He rounded up some terrorists, and off he went to Zakhaev International Airport to kill a bunch of dudes and stuff. He had a new recruit, Joseph Allen. He knew that Allen was "Another fucking CIA bastard!", so he killed him in the face to start a war between Russia and the US. He is a wimpish person and went into hiding after Loose Ends.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

For almost the entire game, Makarov hides in his fancy shmancy hotel somewhere in the Middle East or something, until he is found and got hung by John Price,who proceded to Smoke weed everyday! him with a cigar soem say they see makarov in the eyes of captain price. Others say penispenispenis when ever penis. He keeps saying for winning a penny at slot machine, all it takes is the will of a single whore and starts talking about himself.

Call of Duty: Ghost Edit

Vladimir Makarov appeared in COD: Ghost as a 'legend pack' along with Captain Price. He somehowly survive his death. He is seem to be happy until Infinity Ward made the Zakheav skin pack. Wich Zakheav made Makarov very annoyed because Imran is lazy and has dided lol