Old man

Victor Reznov

Victor Reznov is a really really really really really really really really really really really really really really, really old guy. He served in World War II, and ia secretly a homosexual, due to his love affairs with notable men, such as Alex Mason during Call of Duty: Black Cocks and Dimitri Petrenko in Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

He was a sniper at the battle of Stalingrad, a 360 no-scoper, which he sucked at, reason why he spent DAYS trying to kill General Amsel, and I killed General Amsel in 10 minutes.

Call of Duty: Black Cocks opsEdit

Reznov went to jail because that douchbag General Dragosandvich tried to kill him with some cartel drug called NOVA 69 that makes you look like a ghoul from the Fallout series. Thats where Reznov found Mason and fell in love, until Reznov found out about Mason's '{Explective}.' But since thoes asshole Russian prison guards hate gays, Reznov and Mason hatch a plan to get out of that shitty prison. In the very end, Reznov and Mason get on motor cycles and reenact that scene from Terminator 2 and act like Arnold Schwarzenegger with the lever shotguns and all that badassery. Then they parkour onto a truck and shoot some more Russians until they find some rusty old train. Mason jumps on and Reznov, being the retard he is, doesn't. Reznov then gets caught by the Russians. Once that happens, they viciously rape him so much that he ends up coughing out sperm and dies. He is later seen in Black ops by his lover Mason after smoking mushrooms and having furry hallucinations.

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