Tatical nuke

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Tactical Nukes are the biggest fuck up of a killstreak in videogaming history. Let's do this step by step: 1. Get 25 killstreak. 2: Press right on the dpad. A nuke then comes down and kills everyone. So fuking cheap ass.

I have never heard of being able to launch a nuke after getting a 25 killstreak in real life.

The reason this is a fuck up is because of 1: Stupid lowlifes boosting in camping spots for a nuke and screaming on their mic when killed. 2: Fucking annoying. 3: The annoying toddlers who have an orgasm on their mic when getting a nuke.

Another Fcing thing why does your team win if everyone dies including all of your team? Is this some sort of super Matryrdom kill thing? (which is also cheap ass.)

Treyarch were smart though, unlike shit for brains Infinity

Tatical nuke

Ward. Instead they removed the nuke. Another reason why Treyarch should take over. Actvision was smart enough to kick out Infinity Ward before they destroyed the reputation of Call of Duty.


Another thing is that Treyarch is worse cause the connection sucks. I can't join anyone and it doesn't use UPNP.