The Stimulus Package is a very stupid map pack for MW2.

Background Edit

It featured three new maps, two of which, Overgrown, and Crash, have been recycled from COD4. Don't buy it it is not worth it, because there are only two good maps on there, Crash and Storm. It seems that Infinity Ward fucked up this time, and don't even care about the quality of the maps. Al that they even care about is the money. "Oh yezz we juzzt make new mapz packzz and all the 10 year oldzz kiddies will buy it just because itzz for MW2 and we make lodzz of moneys lolololololololzzz" That is what we imagine what was said when they where at a meeting in the office thinking of what to do next.

Should i buy this map pack? Edit

No. If you download it on PSN, it may fuck up your Internet, making your PSN download speeds take up to 13 hours. It will also fuck up the Internet on your computer sometimes, making watching YouTube the slowest thing ever. On top of that, it costs £15 and 1200 MS on the Xbox 360 IS INFINITY AWARDS FUCKING CRAZY ?! . Way too much to spend on a map pack, with only two good maps. It is not worth buying. DO NOT BUY IT!!!!! It IS VERY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!! Instead you should buy Battlefield 1943 which is an entire game and is cheaper, also you don't get 12yr old fags that shout at another 12yr old fag and sound like their having an orgasm when a player gets a nuke