thumb|300px|rightIt is a super epic campaign level on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where everything is on fire, epic music plays throughout the level, everything blows up, people are screaming, lots of guns are shooting, helicopters are flying overhead, and getting shot down. It is super epic.


Pvt. James Ramerez teleports into a bunker where he hears stuff gets blown up, then he goes up into the trenches outside on the National Mall, which look like the Super Mutant trenches from Fallout 3, perhaps it is. He runs through a fiery epic wasteland with things are getting blown up and epic game OSTs are playing. He goes into the White house where more things are getting blown up outside. Then he goes to the roof and gets on a super cool helicopter with a kickass minigun and flies over more stuff that is on fire and blows. And then, the helicopter crashes and he is low on ammunition, Corporal Wade unjustly dies when he is just offering james means of survival. R.I.P Corporal Wade (6:29pm- 6:30pm). Then A hind shines on James and then it transides past a level to Second Sun.


Just like in the Uncharted series, EVERYTHING blows up and is on fire in this level.