This is a weapon use by noobs to get an easy kil


It was most likely originated from noobs finding all intels in CoD 4 and using a RPG with infinite ammo.

Why do I Bother creating Article on ThisEdit

Cuase I felt like it.

Cause I am a noob tuber.

RPG SpammingEdit

In CoD 4 there is not much RPG spamming and a little more of it in CoD 5 but no you will not have known what RPG Spamming is until you play Mordern Warfare 2.Infinity Award were high on crack one time and decided to put 5 DIFFERENT KINDS OF LAUNDCHERS TO SPAM WITH. You might not have played a macth where mostly ALL of the players used launchers as their primary weapon of use but I have and it was HORRIBLE To this day I have nightmares of Noob Spammers. If you ever encounnter alot of RPG Sppammers then leave, it is not worth it.

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