Major Petrov is a crackhead working for the Spetsnaz. It is rumored that he is gay. Wait who the hell is he ?!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Funny screen shot from call of duty 2 games d d2e7811772a113e88eb4928c9af8c43a 490x350

It is romured that he is gay


He opens the the garage door where Soap and Roach get the ACS from with his Crack-o-Matic lockpicker.

"This is Major Petrov! Come out with your hands up i want to see your hairy armpits!"- Petrov, when he opens the garage. He is so gay that he is gay in battle.

"To enemy infiltrators, we have captured one of your comrades!"

"I will give you five seconds before i execute your sexy comrade!"

"Ah-Ha! So you are gay!" Roach

"Hey how the hell did you know tha- i mean- Shut up idiot!" Petrov

"Dude, you just said Soap was sexy and you wanted to see his armpits. You are very weird and are undeniably gay. I can't wait to tell the world! NEWSFLASH,NEWSFLASH, PETROV IS A FAG!" Roach

"SILENCE!!! I KILL YOU!!!" Petrov

"Five, Four, Three, Two- Oh shit, a butterfly crocodile! "(He has had too much crack)


He gets shot in the head.

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