This level is the shortest level cause the idiot Al Quada a guy told the bots to kamikaze themselves like a noob


There is dogs that come out of nowhere and give you guns that shoot swags

You can shoot and kill the japanese that kills Sullivan behind the door but he magicaly rise up stab Sgt then lies back down.


You go in crappy boats that explodes upon too much swag and land on beaches. When you go in the bunkers suicide bombers run at you and raped you in a small cutscene design for major annoyance on Veteran

Should I Try to Play This on Veteran?Edit

reasons why you shouldn't :

  1. Fucktard banzai runs at you
  2. There is a clear message on the beach that says " WARNING: Bots do not know how to fuck themselves"
  3. Do I need to write anymore

reasons why you should:

  1. ( We're sorry there appears to be an error in comprihending on how fucked you will be when you play. Would you like to send error report to PLAYSTATIONSYSTEM NETWORK?"