Zakhaev Kill

My fucking ARM!!!


Imran Zakhaev is a one of the four whorsemen of Russia.

Early lifeEdit

Zakhaev was bron in 1956 .

He started his life as a condom dealer selling fake condoms. After 6 years of this, the police found out, and sent the FSB after him. Zakhaev escaped, and went into hiding in the shitbag mountains in Ukraine. He had a son called Victor Zakhaev, who he had when he went to the Jizz Whizz Cloning facility. He had to clone him a son because he has a chode, so he cannot make it with any girls.He has been rumoured to have raped Victor.

12 years later, he came out of hiding and made an army of conterfeit condom traders. The government found out again, and so they sent the SAS to invade his base. Two men called MacMilllan and Price invaded the base. Price shot Zakhaev in the balls and his left arm.

He recovered and 15 years later, he became leader of the Ultrafuckeralists. He had a friend, called Khlaed Al Arse Ad., and got him to help him in the Russian Civil War.


The SAS killed his son, Victor Zakhaev. He got very pissed off, and was going to send some ICUP missiles to eight major US cities. They were disarmed however.

He blew up the bridge crucial to the SAS's escape, and nearly killed them. He killed Griggs, and Gaz. However, he was shot in the head by Soap's DVD gun (Have a guess what DVD stands for. Go on.) and was killed. He also was revived by infinity ward and appeard in Call of Duty: Ghost. He is ugly and he somewhat got his 2 hairy arms back bacause he is aangry chode


  • He somehow has an airport named after him, the Zakhaev Intl., the founder was possibly an untrafuckteralist who had a crush on Imran