Ghost n roach by cpp0-d36j6fd

Ghost and Roach...

Ghost was born when Chuck Norris had sex with Melissa Bergman. He is an utter badass who can snap noob tuber's necks by looking at them. The reason he wears his mask and sunglasses is because he can give women orgasms by looking at them. He died when General Shepard supposedly killed him, but he let Shepard shoot him and burn his body.

He was actually created by Infinity Ward to lure 12 year olds into buying Modded Warfail 2 due the said 12 year olds thinking he was 'cool'. Instead he is know to everyone else as a sad, sad, poser.


-He once killed a man with a bowl of jello, a watch battery, and a circut board

-His favorite pastime is collecting Russian's skulls

- You wish you were as cool as him - you thought all this was true, until you wasted $60 on this game.


"What ar-" *vomit*

Captain Price upon seeing what Ghost did in the Gulag to the surviving Russians

"I am not cleaning this shit up!"

Soap response to above