General Shepherd

German Shepherd, not commander Shepard, is a US Army Dog General and also the DICKHEAD WHO KILLED GHOST AND ROACH! FUCK YOU GENERAL SHEPHERD! He also led a special coco pops team called task force nintendo 64. When he raped betrayed and incinerated a fake ghost and a 100 million year old creepy crawlie he made Captain Price? $6.99 and Shampoo MacDonald stick a xknife 360 slim in his playstation eye


"The more things change the more I'm in the club getting wasted"

General Shepherd talking about his spare time

"We've rebuilt it before we'll do it again"

Shepherd talking about his diabetes spilling all over the Humvee

"Stop firing from the hip!"

Shepherd on wanking

"Markarov's a whore in the bed"

General Shepherd saying a rather disturbing quote about Makarov

"Five years ago, i lost a game of Bingo in the blink of an eye. And my Grandma just fuckin' watched!"

General Shepherd whining at the end of Endgame

"who the fuck put this knife in my eye!?"

Still whining at the end of the game

Shepherd's Shit War IdeaEdit

Shepherd wanted to make America look strong, so that he wouldn't "lose 30,000 men in the blink of an eye, and the world just fuckin' watching" again. He decided to be a total asshole, and make Allen work for the CIA and try to get him killed to start a war with America and Russia. It worked

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Most Hated

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The twat then went and killed Ghost and Roach to hide his sodding secret. The piece of crap then went to kill Soap and Price. Luckily, they escaped. The shitbag ran away like a little pussy in his gay little Pave Low. Price magically shot it down wth only three bullets and it blew up. Shepherd then let out a very loud, squeeky scream. Soap found him.

He stabbed Soap. Thankfully, Price came to kick the fat fucker in the face. Soap got a throwing knife and threw it at him. The dipshit was dead.

The End