06 sandvich


General Dragosandvich is an edible substance that once belonged to Heavy from Team Fortress 2, then joined the soviet army to be just like Heavy, but instead, he turned his back on his people and worked with some old nazi dude to find some smoke called NOVA 69 that turns people into husks from Mass Effect Ghouls from the Fallout series. He gets Alex Mason high on mushrooms after sandvich captures him for kiling a fake cholo leader, and later, alex has sone phycalledic hallucinations about Victor Reznov, alex's soulmate. Sandvich locks up Reznov in the only black ops level that has COD:WoW weapons after reznov blows up a boat with nova 69 missles on it. Alex later goes and rapes sandvich to death underwater soo much, that he coughes up sperm and dies