Bailout is a crap map in the Stimulus Package in Modern Warfare 2.

Why it is shit Edit

Hmm... there are so many reasons. Where should we start? Ah, yes, you can't even run anywhere without getting n00b t00bed. Then, in the the house in front of the swimming pool, you get shot in the back by some gayboy with the Ranger shotguns. Also, in the room with the room with the stairs, some uncle faggot plants about 10 Claymores on the stairs, making your whole team have to go back to the respawn place, and take 10 minutes to get the bomb back in Sabotage. Then, some fag goes and snipes you just as soon as you get the flag in Capture the Flag. We could go on. The fact is, it has a shitty layout, and Infinity Ward obviously did not take the time to think this map through properly.

Yet another reason why to not buy the Stimulus Package.

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